Our Story

"Liquified Just Works!"

Liquified was created to do things differently.

Where it all began...

Liquified emerged from the visionary minds behind the popular Matt's RV Reviews YouTube channel. Driven by Matt Foxcroft's innate desire to enhance the RVing experience, the concept of "Liquified" took shape. Renowned for his candid evaluations, such as the infamous "Prime Pooping Position," Matt delved into the world of RV toilet treatments, propelled by his commitment to quality.

Collaborating closely with business partners Wil & Jen Knowles, a unified ethos emerged: nothing less than excellence would bear their name. Thus began an exhaustive quest for perfection, spearheaded by Matt's meticulous research, which culminated in a rigorous formulation process that created the very first Liquified product.

Liquified remains steadfast in its commitment to continual improvement and innovation. The mission remains resolute: to challenge industry norms and redefine the RV sector, one odor-free black tank at a time.

Meet the Team

Matt Foxcroft

Will Knowles

Jen Knowles