RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner
RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner
RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner
RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner
RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner
RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner

RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner

RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Using harsh chemicals like bleach to clean your RV toilet can kill the healthy bacteria and enzymes in your black tank. That's why our RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner is specially formulated with natural ingredients that won't disrupt your black tank health.
  • Cleans Stains & Odors - Our natural solution powers away tough stains and leaves your RV toilet smelling like fresh citrus.
  • Supports a Healthy Black Tank - Unlike most toilet bowl cleaners that contain harsh chemicals like bleach, Liquified uses an enzyme-based formula to support your black tank's "microbiome".
  • Septic tank safe - Our solution is environmentally friendly and safe for all septic systems. It contains no formaldehyde so you can feel safe with it around pets and children.
  • Made in USA - Liquified is proudly made in Elkhart, Indiana--the RV capital of the world! We have listened to feedback from fellow RVers to create this amazing product.
  • Best if used with Liquified RV Toilet Treatment - We've formulated our RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner to perfectly collaborate with our best-selling Liquified RV Toilet Treatment--so you can get a powerful clean in both your RV toilet & black tank!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Melody Twigg

I have used this a few times and absolutely love it. It seems to clean better than other cleaners and smells good.

Jeremy Lynch
Works great

Not much effort needed. You can visually watch it clean as you squirt it in the toilet

David Tyrone
Tank cleaner

Used tank cleaner on black tank with excellent results

Kay Lynn

Great product!

Product Review - Toilet Cleaner

Great product Matt...does exactly what it is supposed to do! Will definitely purchase it again.

From our customers


This stuff was very effective. The smell is natural orange and it really did clear my tanks well.

Merie M.

Used TST, Unique, and another, but this brand keeps the tanks smelling better than the rest and I never see solids when I dump the tank. Impressed.

Colby Riner

I've used this product for three outings now. Granted, I haven't yet put it to the late Spring heat test here in AZ. However, thus far it has worked well at controlling odor from my tank and it really does seem to hold to its namesake of liquifying solids.

C. Thompson

we've tried everything, this stuff works, through looking, found it!!


Love this stuff, works great and I feel confident after many uses it'll continue working. I've never had an issue with the black tank while using this.