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Great product

We ordered our free bottle and used it on our last 2 camping trip. The scent was pleasant. The process of adding it to our blackwater tank was easy. When dumping it was great to see that all solids were completely dissolved. A first! This made our clean out a lot quicker. Thanks for a Great product.

So far so good

Easy to use. No smells from the toilet. Everything seems to be flowing freely.

Works Great!

We have used this product for 10 months and it works! No issues and sensors are working properly.

This is the best tank treatment I’ve used!

Macerator Helper

It really made a difference when using the macerator. Seems like it doesn't work as hard since solids are broke down. LOVE IT!

Liquefied black tank treatment

I've been rving for 30+ years and liquified is the best tank treatment I've used. Matt seems to be passionate about his products and really cares what the customer thinks.

Outstanding products that perform as advertised. My black tank sensors have not worked properly for awhile now. One treatment with the sensor cleaner and we’re back up and reading like it should.

Excellent Product

Your product works.even better.than its description indicates, I will use your Liquified product regularly in my Truck Palomino Pop-up Camper, thank you👌👍.


Works great. Would buy again.

Amazing stuff!

This is by far the best black tank treatment I’ve ever tried!

Best product I’ve found

I’ve tried several black tank products in the past, but after receiving a free sample of Liquified I used it and found that it truly does what it advertised. When I drained my first tank after using it, there were no more solids and very little paper that came out. It was all liquid. The lavender sent also removed any bathroom odor. I’m sold. Liquified from now on!

Time will tell

Haven't had a chance to use the product yet but, I received a request to rate the product. I suspect it will be good based on other reviews and Liquified sent me a free bottle. Who does that!

Great Product

Over the last 30 or so years, I have used many different treatments for our black tanks. The Liquified works better then any other treatment we have used.

Good stuff

I got the free sample that you can get on the Internet. I really like how easy it is to use. I feel like it has been working well so far. Thank you for the free sample. I would love to buy the new sent one next.


Best Odor control I have found!

Easy to use and a great product.

Started using shortly after the initial release and haven’t used anything else. Easy to measure and use.

As Advertised!

Works as Matt says. Wonderful product!

Great Stuff

This black tank treatment works great! This is so easy to use, squeeze the bottle to fill the cup and pour and flush, bam your done..

Great product! Love that it is a liquid and not a powder or pods!

We do believe in Liquified has been working great for us.

Easy to use; works great!

I use the liquid form of Liquified and love it (well, as much as anyone can love a black tank treatment). I appreciate the dispenser that measures the amount needed without any mess. Liquified works as promised!

Good Stuff, Really Works!

I have tried three or four different products in our Fifthwheel over the past several years and Liquiified is by far the best. It generally breaks down solids in 24 hours and really works best when it’s in the tank while traveling. Never saw a shred of paper when dumping after traveling.

Great product!

Use this exclusively in my RV and it works great. Highly recommended

I've used you product for the last year and it's one of the best I've ever used. I just got back from a week in Yellowstoneand It worked great! I look forward to the rest of the summer using your product. Just one suggestion have you thought about a grey water treatment? you know how nasty that tank can get. Thank Mat Cheers!

EVERYTHING Was Liquified

We are weekend campers. I let it rest in the tanks for almost 2 weeks at 2/3 full. I dumped the tanks and everything was liquified. Even the paper!

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